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thank you for taking the time to vist. below you will find our portfolio of webwork, feel free to look around and if you like what you see, get in touch!
We are a Web and Graphics Creative Lab in Abuja Nigeria. At WEBcraft we love to Design.....Designs you will love. We are very passionate about creating clean, unique, elegant designs, designs that work.
What does it take to be a great Web Developer/Graphic Designer?

"No Standard Design Only Unique Works"

We deliver high impact, rich media, interactive websites that speak volumes visually.

What People Say About Us

"My experience with WEBcraft is absolutely positive. Their websites are beautifully designed and well organised. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Dr Roberts (The orchid bistro).

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Creative Ideas & Incredible Results

Our primary objective is to captivate and engage the intended audience.

Our Clients

Nigeria Machine Tools Limited (NMTL)

We are quite proud of the work we have done for NMTL. Some of which include designing 3D logos and branding for their subsidiaries (BDS Energy Services Limited, Quinn McGrath Nigeria Limited, Slim and Sean Limited, Drake and Sean Limited ) as well as their present company Logo. We also Designed their company brochure.

FMC Technologies

Global market leader in subsea systems. Done numerous Graphic Design projects for FMC Technologies, all top notch, rich Graphic Design Work with extremely provocative visuals, that live up to what we stand for "No Standard Design Only Unique Works".

The Orchid Bistro

We are proud of The Orchid Bistro Website, our first ever website in Lagos Nigeria. Was initially built on the flash platform, which was very limiting in terms of what devices website could open on. We have since redesigned and re-coded the entire website in trend with 2015. Website is reponsive and visually rich.

All About Kids (AAK)

A registered educational (support service) organization based in Abuja. Their website depicts visually what a kidies website should look like. Colourful and full of happy children. Working with AAK is an amazing experience, we all love kids right!

Quinn McGrath Nigeria Limited

Quinn McGrath Nigeria Limited is a company with interests in manufacturing, oil and gas services, Exploration and Consulting. The Parent Company is Nigeria Machine Tools Limited (NMTL). We did some branding work for them, created their present company 3D logo.

BDS Energy Services Limited

BDS Energy Services Limited, is an Oil and Gas upstream services company that provides wireline services to oil producing Companies. It is also a subsidiary of Nigerian Machine Tools Limited (NMTL). We did branding work for them, created their present company 3D Logo.


Mostelle360 is a Health, Fitness & Wellness Lifestyle Company in Lagos Nigeria. Working with them has been very nice. We redesigned their website to what it looks like now, fresh , visually stimulating and responsive. We also built them an online shop which is functional and looks great for an E-commerce website, fully interactive and responsive.

Odontoville Dental Clinics

Odontoville dental clinics is a full service dental practice offering both basic and specialized dental care in Lagos Nigeria. We redesigned their website to what it looks like today. Our major challenge was building a website that was dental without looking too aesthetically dental...we did it!

Club Uno

Club Uno is one of the most sought after Night clubs on the Mainland, in the Ikeja entertainment district in Lagos Nigeria. Famous for celebrity sightings, signature drinks, Top DJs and Fully branded intimate VIP areas. We built and manage their website. We had to get ambience right as this client was very particular.

Amber Universal Escort Service

Amber Universal Escort Service is a professional escort agency in Lagos Nigeria. They provide their clients with stunning escorts for companionship. We built their website. As a client they were very particular about the image they wanted to portray on the web, as they are an escort agency and wanted something classy but very expressive while still maintaining the message they wanted to convey to their clients.

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